入場無料 / For free
入場無料 / For free

ComicVket 3 is a comic and doujinshi convention held in a virtual space encompassing all genres.

ComicVket 3

Schedule 2022.12.3 SAT 10:00 - 2022 12.18.SUN 23:00 JST

What is ComicVket

ComicVket is an online comic convention covering all genres, held in VR(Virtual Reality) space.

ComicVket is an online comic convention covering all genres, held in VR(Virtual Reality) space. Roam around the virtual space to discover and purchase books, illustrations, comics, novels, and other products with your fellow visitors. The event can be accessed with VR devices, smartphones, or PC for free. Try the samples and open the store websites, where you can purchase or download the books you like. The venue for this round of the event is a floating island of bookshelves. The virtual space is optimized for discovering new works you like. Enjoy the scenery of colorful islands surrounded by numerous books. You will find new favorites along the way.

Visitors Guide
how to enjoy

  • Access the event from anywhere!

    You don't need any VR devices to join ComicVket. Just use your smartphone or PC and join through your web browser. You can even make your own avatar.

    How to Enter Avatar Maker
  • Find What's Perfect for You!

    The worlds in ComicVket 3 are completely new! There are many gimmicks that will let you find the perfect content just for you. You might also expand your preferences by seeing so many new contents!

    List of Worlds
  • Lots of Events!

    Events that were held in the past will be there as well, so be prepared for our official streaming, virtual collaboration events, and more!

    List of Events

Exhibitors Guide

  • Easily set your handouts

    You can register your handouts onto the catalog just by entering the URL or the name of your contents.

  • Decorate your booth

    You don't need to be an expert on VR or 3D tech. Just submit the images and you can easily decorate your booth and place your book samples and posters in it.

    The booths will be updated in ComicVket 3.
  • Alliance Tag

    When you tag an exhibitor, you can find them easily in the catalog page. Alliance tags can be used when planning events with other exhibitors too. You may also have multiple labels for your handouts.

  • Communicate with visitors

    Just like a real comic and dojinshi convention, you can interact with visitors. You can make this easier by announcing the time and date when you will be at your booth.


  • Exhibition and Entrance Fee


  • Handouts

    All genres


  • Number of Exhibitors

    300 + 60


  • How to Exhibit

    Standard Plan Simple Plan

*Fan fiction can only be used if you follow the originals' terms or guidelines on your own accountability. Read our Terms of Use for more details. **There will be 300 exhibitors for the Standard Plan and 60 exhibitors for the Simple Plan.

How to Exhibit

  • Application

    Please apply here. The deadline is 2022 November 22nd 11:59 p.m. JST.

  • Exhibitor Information

    Please enter the exhibitor information from the My Page once you have been provided with a space.

  • Submission

    Please submit all the necessary contents from the My Page during the submission period.

  • On the day of ComicVket 3

    Enjoy ComicVket 3!


2022 Oct. 24
Start the Exhibitor Application
2022 Nov. 22
Deadline for the Exhibitor Application
2022 Dec. 5
Lottery Result Announcement
2022 Dec. 22
Start the Submission of Contents
2023 Jan. 18
Deadline for the Submission of Contents
2023 Early February
Booth Location Announcement (tentative)
2023 Feb. 23
ComicVket 3 Opening
2023 Mar. 5
ComicVket 3 Closing


  • 2023/05/30

    The Entrance world of ComicVket 3 has been made public again!

  • 2023/03/04

    ComicVket 3 has successfully concluded! Thank you for participating in the event!

  • 2023/02/23

    ComicVket 3 has opened! See here for how to visit!

  • 2023/02/22

    【Notification】There was an issue of the image and title getting switched in the Comic Tower. The issue is already fixed. We are sorry for any inconveniences.

  • 2023/02/22

    【Notification】We have found that the web browser venue may not be accessible from browsers with English language setting. We are working on a fix. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

  • 2023/02/22

    We have resolved the two previously reported issues in the web browser venue: 1) loading stops when attempting to access from an iPhone, Android, or Mac; and 2) access error when the language setting of the browser is set to English. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

  • 2023/02/15

    Notice of change of Vket Service Terms of use

  • 2023/02/11

    The event page is released! Check the schedule of streams and events!

  • 2022/10/23

    Here is the Official Discord for ComicVket 3 exhibitors and visitors‼ Join from here

  • 2022/10/23

    ComicVket 3 exhibitor application has started! Apply by November 22 JST: 11:59 pm, UTC: 2:59 pm, EST: 9:59 am!

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